If you own a rental property in the Sacramento, CA area and are in search of a professional property management team to protect your investment and maximize ROI, we encourage you to contact us.

Stanley Real Estate & Investment is a firm experienced in both real estate and property management services to help our clients get the most out of their investment. Whether you are a local owner or live elsewhere, we are your eyes and ears to ensure your investment helps you achieve your goals.

As a licensed real estate broker in the state, we can also help you locate or sell investment properties. Allow us the opportunity to support your real estate endeavors.

Contact us today to discuss your investment property and how we may best serve you.

A For Rent sign outside of a home.

Our services include:

  • Property advertising and marketing services
  • Property showings
  • Applicant screenings
  • Lease preparation and execution
  • Fee and rent collections
  • Property inspections
  • Property maintenance
  • Tenant relationship services
  • Move-outs and clean-outs
  • Property related accounting reports